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The collision between the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy.

the grand showdown

Andromeda is a bit bigger than us. So when that happens, Andromeda’s black hole is gonna consume our black hole in a vicious act of galactic canabalism. 
Which is an actual term used in astronomy apparently. 

“Galactic Cannibalism” sounds like an electro/death metal fusion band.

Galactic cannibalism is one of my favourite astronomical terms, but it doesn’t beat the term used for the stretching out into a long thin tube that occurs when something falls into a black hole (spaghettification) or the term used for a rock thought to be a meteorite but which later turns out to be an ordinary terrestrial rock (meteowrong).

fuck astronomy remains to be my favorite thing

apparently we’ll survive this

The animation shown will take millions of years to complete, though this GIF is only showing it to take a few seconds for obvious reasons. There will be no collisions between planets or suns as the galaxies merge to one and only the night sky will look different as all the stars are jumbled up. And we won’t even be around to see it…!

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